Use and impact

There is no better combination of use and impact than an advertising calendar. One whole year with focus on customers. One cent contact-price which is definitely worth it. According to a study of Dima market research*, calendars not only come off better than classical media such as radio or TV but simply dominate the list of all advertising material.


Do you assume that your advertising article would be through away on 31.12 of the calendar year at the earliest? How quickly does a pen disappear in the (wrong) drawer? Every second person interviewed by Dima possesses an advertising calendar. And the best thing: He remembers the noble benefactor. Also you. Promised!

And the costs?

Advertisements on calendars are highly cost-efficient. According to some estimates of market researcher, the thousand-contact price lies around 70% below that of a TV spot and perhaps 95% below that of a ad placement in a public magazine.

Desk or wall?

Desk! And for this, there are a number of reasons. The wall belongs to ‘‘everyone’’ whereas the desk belongs to me. Without ifs and buts. But this cannot be the only reason. Our desk calendar is 100% personalised. It has no promotional shelf liners in mm range. And without any doubt, a 3 month wall calendar now has the image of a ‘‘cheap article’’ due to mass distribution by forwarding agents. With our desk calendar however, you break off from the masses.