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Letterhead, business cards? Rather not. Prospects, brochures? There you can expect us. Desk calendar? Here, we make our way to the topmost form. This is ‘‘our thing ‘’.

A short look back: It hasn’t been all too long since there was only one option for a B2B calendar. Three months on a wall. And when no wall was available for it, it could also taped on to a pane. This old German finding has never receive design prizes. But its practical suitability could not be denied.

In the 70s, desk calendars began to appear. International firms brought the triangle shaped calendars from Asia and USA to Europe. At the beginning of 80s, the first orders for BerlinDruck were given. Since more than 30 years now, we produce practical desk calendars. Optimised printed sheet use, standardised manufacturing processes and high quality standards in accordance with Process Standard Offset (PSO) have made us one of the leading manufacturers of desk calendars. Today, we deliver our calendars to almost every country on the earth. BerlinDruck desk calendars can be seen at hotel receptions in Spain, desks in ships at Miami and at reception of a travel office in Sydney

Desk Calendar
Calendrier de bureau
Calendario de mesa
Calendar birou
Kalendarz biuro
Masa takvimi

Made in Achim. Printed by Berlin

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