Of course, we do not want you do get bored with technology. But with a small fact-check, it would become more clear to you how easily and perfectly our product becomes one of the most successful advertising medium.

The format

22 cm width and 11.8 cm height. Fits to every desk. Of course. But this cannot be the reason for choosing this size in particular. We can look at the standing space: Only 23 x 7.5 cm area is consumed effectively. Also this is a positive factor. Our format selection has a specific reason. The calendar fits in perfectly into a B5 envelope (25.0 cm x 17.6 cm) and can be sent with normal post as Maxibrief. You can order the envelopes from us as well and put a stamp on them and dispatch them.

Your promotional print

The complete calendar is your distinctive product. Whether a small note on your homepage or whether the calendar can spread your messages about colour, pictures and texts from its first to last page; you will decide this yourself. Here, a major advantage of our calendar lies: No imprint field, no instructions or guidelines. Each millimetre belongs to you. Do you know any other advertising medium through which you can present yourself to your customers in such a personalised and impressive way ?

The print templates

Basically, you can choose your design freely. One month, three months or one year. We print what you want to see on your calendar. We have standard calendars in various designs and variants. We can make changes in them for you. But definitely, you can also receive a template from us which you can modify yourself or through an advertising agency. If even this is not adequate, then simply do what you want. Monday blue and Friday pink. Why not? And on the picture page, you can let your desires flow freely. We simply require a printable PDF file from you. It would be most convenient for you if you also use other layout programmes such as QuarkXPress. In this regard, please contact our experts from the prepress at: 0421-4387123.

Which default settings you have to use depends on the type of paper you have requested. Our advisor will provide assistance to you in this regard. In order to assure reasonable picture quality in the printed calendar, you should hand over pictures with resolution of at least 300 dpi. Please create an all-round bleed of 3mm so that the final version does not have any white edges.

Please note that the upper image border has to be punched for spirals. Prevent any head injuries.


The processing

No tearing off, hanging around, drilling, nailing. After your customer receives your calendar, he would only be a moment away from using it. The triangular shape assures that the calendar can be held firm on every desk. The spirals make it easy to turn the pages around. And if the eye catches sight of a summer vacation in February already, this can be accomplished with just a small pull. A magnetic date slide (optional) leads the eye to the current day with any digression.

The Wire-O spirals

Red or blue, green or black. This is not only a question for football fans. You can choose from 9 top current colours here if the standard colour white does not suit you. And the best thing: There are no additional charges for choosing any extraordinary colours.



In one glance, you have the current date in your eyes. And of course, you can also choose your own design for the date slides. A coloured square on a clear-sighted plastic strip or our MagneTisch®, a small round magnet which hides its congenial partner on the back side of the calendar page.


And then?

We can also deliver the calendar by direct mail. An excel table with your address and off to the post. You decide the quantity, date of shipment and whether a greeting card shall be attached or not. Can it get much simpler? We believe: No!

Why this calendar from us?

You are dealing with the experts here for this product. For more than 20 years, the desk calendar belongs to us and we belong to it. The optimised format, best use of printed sheets, industrial manufacturing and the knowhow in case if there are any extra requests. Do you want Spanish vacations? For you, the week does not begin on Monday but rather on Sunday? Your corporate identity requires a certain kind of paper? This is then the right place for you: 0421-438710.